Fulcher's Landing Campground

Fulcher’s Landing Rules and Regulations  These rules and regulations will be enforced for the safety and enjoyment of the renters.  They are subject to change or modification as needed and new copies will be sent to everyone in this event.  A copy of these rules must be signed by each tenant at Fulcher’s Landing along with the lease agreement. 
1.   No outside pets.  Pets must be in your camper and on a hand leash for walking purposes only when outside.  They will not be allowed to be tied outside or left on decks outside.  Pets will be limited to domesticated animals only (dogs, cats, etc.) and must be non aggressive in nature.  You will be responsible for cleaning up after your pet goes to the bathroom and disposing of it properly.​
2.   No non operational vehicles or boats are allowed to stay on the property more than 30 days.  No mechanic work (changing oil, tires, etc) will be allowed except for emergencies.  (the park manager must be notified and approval must be given)
3.   All tenants wishing to have a golf cart must sign a liability waiver and no children under 12 will be allowed to operate them without adult supervision.  They must use the existing drives and will have to go over the speed bumps and not around them.  You may not drive through another campsite at anytime or your privilege will be revoked.
4.   There will be no sub leasing of campers or allowed.
5.   No ATV’s, dirt bikes, go-carts, or other non highway vehicles are allowed.
6.   No dumping of food scraps or cooking grease on the ground.  It must be disposed of in the dumpsters provided and bagged properly.
7.   One outbuilding will be allowed per lot no bigger than an 8*10 (Or smaller depending on lot size).  It will be for storage only.  You will not be able to have bathroom facilities or washing machines in them.
8.   Decks will be allowed but must be approved before construction and must not be over 8 feet wide.  Screened porches will be allowed, but they will not be allowed to be converted to rooms and may not have heating or air conditioners.  All decks and porches must be built above ground, no digging will be allowed, and must receive prior approval. They must not be attached to RV.
9.   All vehicles and boats must be parked in designated areas.  None will be allowed to impede the streets.
10.  No RV’s will be able to be sold in the park without ownership approval.  They must be less than ten years of age and a $250 transfer fee will apply.  Absolutely no “For sale” signs will be allowed to be displayed.    
11.  A valid copy of the v.i.n. for the campers must be supplied.
12.  No pets will be allowed in the office which will be the large metal building.
13.  Quiet time will be from 11pm to 6am.  All campers must be at their sites and not disturbing other campers during these hours.  All children under 16 must be with their parent or guardian during these hours.
14.  The speed limit is 5mph and will be enforced.
15.     We will maintain the grounds; however your lot is your responsibility to keep neat and orderly.  There will be one verbal warning, then you will be billed for clean up.
16.  No cleaning of fish is allowed in the park.  There is a cleaning station on the pier.
17.  No fire arms allowed in park.
18.  No fireworks allowed in park.
​19.  No open campfires; grills or enclosed only.
20.  Household waste only in dumpsters; no furniture, appliances, lumber, etc.
​21.  NO DIGGING without talking to Lynn or Tim.
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